Northcott School and Sixth Form College is invested in creating a school community that focuses on pupil wellbeing, as we recognise that wellbeing and behaviour are inextricably linked. We know that a strong focus on a pupil’s wellbeing increases the opportunity for our pupils to achieve their full potential. This approach will support our young people in understanding and developing their social and emotional needs in order to have a positive place in society. We have developed a Relational policy that has placed relationships at the centre of our focus so our young people can thrive in all areas of their lives.

We recognise that behaviour is a form communication, it is therefore all stakeholders’ right and responsibility to listen to the needs a young person is expressing through their behaviour, whilst setting clear boundaries and expectations. We recognise that our pupils have a wide range of Special Educational Needs which can make it increasingly complex to self-regulate, it is therefore imperative we manage their behaviour in a positive manner, using the knowledge of their needs to support their resilience.

Guided by the Thrive Approach, we focus on relational connection and regulation first. We do this by putting relationships at the heart of our approach by listening and responding to our children’s voices, to create and maintain a safe and happy environment where all feel safe, secure and respected.

• To teach our young people how to communicate, self-regulate and express their feelings and emotions in a way that will support them in their adult life.
• To ensure that all members of the school community provide a safe, nurturing environment, using responsibility, PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) to foster appropriate behaviour.
• To encourage our young people to build and maintain positive, trusting and rewarding relationships that will facilitate effective learning and support with their futures.
• To develop resilient, compassionate and empathetic young people.



Thrive Room

We have a dedicated Thrive Intervention Room which allows pupils to have time to work through their emotions and feelings through play based activities alongside their thrive ambassador. The Thrive approach is inter-woven with our ELSA support and is often the stepping stone to the ELSA programme.