Referral Process from 10th June 2024

Schools can refer pupils who have a diagnosis of Autism or have been accepted on the Autism Pathway and are presenting with difficulties within the school setting. All referrals should be completed using the referral form linked below. Once the form has been completed there is a Forms Link for parents to give their consent or they can complete the parent form below. You must inform parents that you are making the referral. Proof of acceptance on the Autism Pathway or a diagnosis must be sent to the outreach mailbox along with the completed referral form. This now replaces our online referral form.

School Referral Form

2024 Referral Form Northcott Outreach

Parental consent (or use the Forms link in the school referral form):

Parental Consent Form

Guidance information for completing the referral form:

Referral Guidance

Return completed forms and proof to: 

Once the completed form, the parental consent form and the proof have been received your allocated outreach teacher will be in touch to arrange a triage appointment and/or an initial observation.