Brand new sixth form facilities for students aged 16-19

Offering adaptable, bespoke learning opportunities. To encourage independence and move young people towards adulthood.

Transition from sixth form

When the time comes to transition away from the Sixth Form, it is important that we have captured all the skills, knowledge, and experiences that the post 16 learners have achieved. This information is shared with a dedicated post 16 Connexions worker in relation to planned next steps. It is hoped that 100% of our cohort go onto Post 19 college, work, volunteering, or training, such as a supported internship. Some of our cohort will have been in the school for many years by this point and so a detailed, personalised, and extended transition to the next destination is vital.

Post 16 learners

Our Post 16 learners contribute to the school through their advisory role on the full school council, as well as in their own sixth form council. This role allows them to be seen as peer mentors and role models by those in the younger year groups.

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