Autism Training for Schools

All mainstream Hull schools can book one free in-house training session per academic year. The following is a list of some of the training topics we can provide. If you would like something that is not on the list, then please speak to your Outreach Teacher: 

  • ASD Awareness Early years, Primary & Secondary 
  • Emotional Regulation & The 5 point Scale 
  • Social Stories 
  • Transition 
  • Autism and Girls (including masking) 
  • Autism and Anxiety 
  • Social skills and Lego 
  • Sensory Differences 
  • ASD Friendly Classrooms 
  • Independent Workstations 
  • Understanding ASD Behaviour 
  • Practical Ideas for Teaching Independence 
  • Developing Interaction with Non-Verbal Pupils 
  • Meltdowns, Shutdowns and Energy Accounting 

These training sessions have now all been recorded by members of the team and are available for you to access on the link below.  This means rather than attending them virtually on a set day you can watch them whenever is most suitable for you and your staff.

Recorded Training Sessions