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Advice for Parents: LGBTQ+ support

We have an ethos in school of mutual respect and inclusivity. We do not judge our community on the grounds of ability, gender, sexuality, race, culture or religion. We empower our pupils to make their own choices by providing them with information they need, appropriate to their age. Our inclusivity charter is signed by all staff and pupils to represent our commitment to equity. We recognise and teach our pupils that some people, at times need more support or different provision, and equity allows this. We treat everyone fairly, as we recognise that everyone is different.

In school we have a dedicated team of pastoral support including ELSA trained staff and SEND SRE staff. We can help you and your child embark on their journey with knowledge and support. We have reference material in school as part of our commitment to LGBTQ+ in the form of 2 reference libraries. Please do not hesitate to contact us for support!

Cornerhouse LGBTQ+ support page

Shout LGBTQ+ support group

Transgender support group

Lollipop East Riding: 01482 392200

LOOK Group (loving our out kids)  01482 392200


Our uniform is gender neutral.

We display our pronouns on staff badges and we model the language of asking what a persons preferred pronouns are, rather than assuming.

Our curriculum, activities and opportunities are never limited by gender.

We celebrate our individual differences.

We are a community that welcomes everyone.