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Secondary Curriculum

Our pupils in both key-stage 3 and key-stage 4 follow the national curriculum.  We provide a secondary curriculum which is very similar to mainstream but in smaller classes, in a protected environment which supports pupils with social communication, interaction learning needs. Our curriculum combines core, foundation and statutory subjects alongside lessons which: improve communication and social interaction; builds independence and resilience; and prepares our pupils for life post-16.

The secondary curriculum is structured through carefully sequenced long term and medium term plans with clear assessment points built in.  The medium term plans are adaptable and allow teachers to personalise the learning and support to meet the needs of each individual pupil. Pupils are enabled to progress at a rate that is matched to their ability and their potential. Pupils with the most complex needs have personalised timetables that are reviewed as their needs change.  All our pupils have PSHE and CEIAG built into their curriculum.  Relationship Education can be personalised to meet individual needs and ability.


Whilst our curriculum is broad and balanced priority is given to core subjects and removing barriers to learning caused by social, communication and interaction needs. To aid transition from Primary our Year 7 pupils are taught in a Nurture Class, in a primary model, but are taught the full Y7 curriculum. All pupils in KS3 also have an enrichment programme that allows them to explore their areas of interest and have cultural opportunities that they may not have outside of school, such as drama, media, music, dance, sports action, eco club and outdoor learning.   In the summer term of year 9 our pupils begin transition to KS4 and can make choices of options they wish to try out in Year 10 or take over a two year period in Year 10 and Year 11.  

Download Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview


Our pupils follow the national curriculum in key-stage 4. In the summer term of Year 9, our pupils begin transition into KS4 and can make choices of Options they wish to try out in Year 10 or over a two year period  in Year 10 and Year 11.  Pupils also complete work experience in Year 10. Computer Science and Introduction to Construction are just two of our options.

At the end of Year 11 pupils have the chance to gain nationally recognised qualifications such as GCSEs, BTEC’s, Functional Skills, and Entry Awards. In KS4 pupils also develop links with destination colleges and have chance to take part in a wide range of PSHE and CEIAG theme days.  

Our KS4 pupils in the A half have additional life skills and vocational support on their timetable to help them transition onto foundation post-16 courses. Pupils in the B half are more likely to do a combination of GSCE, BTEC’s and Functional Skills qualifications aimed at helping them access Level 1 or Level 2 courses post-16. Our aim is to ensure that pupils are able to access appropriate post-16 providers, and coursesat the level right for them.

Download Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview