The school remains closed to pupils other than those whose parents are key workers, if your child can stay at home, they should.


Parents and carers

First of all, we hope you are all well and managing in these difficult circumstances.

We are aware that for many of our children school is school and home is home and this makes home schooling particularly difficult.  What we do also know about pupils is they love a good project, something they can work on, research and that they prefer to follow their own areas of interest and passion.  The work that our primary 1 class has been doing on the Dojo platform has been lovely to see.

Our teachers have planned a range of projects, rather than tasks, which we hope will offer even the most reluctant learning a chance to do something they are interested in.  Let them choose a project, try one or as many as they like. We will update these every two weeks. Send us your photos and we will upload them to our twitter page too. We will also put the pupils work and their projects on display to celebrate their achievements, resilience and creativity.

We have provided a project summary and an overview table, which you can share with your child for them to choose a project.