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Early Years & Primary Curriculum

In our primary classes we follow the Early Years, Foundation and Primary National Curriculum. We also passionately believe that learning through play is essential for social and emotional development and encourage this in all aspects of the curriculum. We value the importance of outdoor, hands on learning experiences to promote practical team building and problem solving skills.

Here at Northcott, we offer a safe, nurturing and caring environment that allows each child to flourish and develop to their full potential by providing a curriculum that is bespoke and tailored to meet each child’s individual needs. We build firm foundations of literacy and numeracy, on which children can build as they move through the school.

Early Years

In our Early Years classes, pupils will experience learning through play and be taught in very small ability groups.

As our pupils grow in confidence and their ability to interact develops, our pupils engage increasingly in formal learning in a supportive and nurturing environment.


In Key-stage 1 and 2 pupils follow the Primary National Curriculum in mixed age classes in small ability groups. The emphasis is on building firm foundations for literacy, numeracy, communication and social interaction.

Download Primary Curriculum Overview