Little Blossoms

Little Blossoms is for our youngest children. The curriculum in Little Blossoms is based around the 7 areas of learning in EYFS. We admit pupils from age 3 and they remain in this setting until they are ready for the Primary phase. All staff are EYFS specialists and work closely with our primary lead.

Little Blossoms’ home is a bespoke, age specific facility which includes a regulation room, free flow space, group teaching spaces, snack café, covered and uncovered outside play spaces and a creative play zone We have a high staff to pupil ratio which supports guided free flow between activities and a quick turn round from one learning activity to another.
Little Blossom children benefit from a holistic approach which takes into account sensory and environmental needs, alongside social and learning needs. We encourage communication in all its forms through play and creativity.

Parents of our ‘Little Blossoms’ receive regular daily updates on their child. Tapestry allows us to share photos of learning activities, social interaction and track progress using the cherry garden framework. Parents can view their child’s tree and watch it blossom as they grow. This system also allows us to capture and share the small steps of progress that are so important at this early stage of development.