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Sports Premium

Sports Premium Statement

What is the ‘Sport Premium’?

This is money provided by the government for schools with primary aged pupils to improve the quality of sport and PE.



Current Provision

We are proud of the current PE and sports provision at our school.

Our new multi-purpose hall enables us to offer a wide range of sporting activities which we can offer both through the curriculum, and through lunchtime activities. We also have a lower school hall which is regularly used for sports, sensory diet activities, movement play etc. by the primary classes.

In addition we have a number of varied outdoor learning environments which are also used to promote physical health and wellbeing.



How much funding do we receive?

The amount each school receives is based upon the number of primary pupils it has on roll.

In 2015 – 2016 Northcott School received £8135.



How are we spending the ‘Sport Premium’ funding?

Funding each year is carefully considered and spent on initiatives which will have an ongoing impact on pupils’ levels of physical activity.



Previous Funding

In previous years funding has been used to:


  • install a trampoline into one of the covered play areas near the primary class.
  • extend outdoor activity provision for the primary classes
  • develop and staff an inclusive ‘Sports Action’ Club every lunchtime, involving different sports e.g. football, basketball, fun games, non-stop cricket, rounders.



2015 – 16

In 2015-16 we used the funding to provide fixed outdoor gym equipment (similar to that seen in some parks) on both the main playgrounds.

The equipment is used:

  • As a lunch and breaktime activity
  • As part of the PE curriculum for some pupils
  • As part of individual pupils’ sensory diets
  • As a motivating / calming activity

The impact of the equipment has been to:

  • Improve individual pupils’ stamina and fitness
  • Provide a physical fitness activity which is non-competitive and can be enjoyed by those pupils who find team sports difficult
  • Encourage more pupils to take part in physical exercise for pleasure
  • Improve pupils’ emotional health and wellbeing
  • Raise the ‘mood’ of those pupils who can be passive, so that they are in a ‘calm alert’ state and more ready to learn 


See some photos of the equipment here


2016 – 17

Our intention this year is to use the funding to purchase equipment to develop the primary gymnastics curriculum.

We also hope to provide some additional fixed outdoor gym equipment.