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Snow & Bad Weather Statement

In the event of bad weather it is always the school’s priority to remain open and as such our site manager will work to ensure that the site is both accessible and safe.

There may, however, be rare occasions when the school might not be able to open as normal as a result of severe weather. It is always difficult to make the right decision due to the unpredictability of the weather; we will aim to do this as swiftly as we can. Please rest assured that any decisions taken will be based around ensuring that your children are kept as safe as possible, taking into account:

  • whether children can get safely to school / school transport is running (transport make an independent decision about whether it is safe / appropriate for them to travel)
  • whether enough staff can get to school to have a safe pupil-teacher ratio

In such instances, any changes to the usual opening times will be communicated via BBC Radio Humberside (95.9 FM, 1485 MW).

Please be aware that when the school is open during periods of bad weather, there may be transport delays due to road traffic conditions.

On rare occasions too, a decision may be made to send pupils home early or to close the school during the school day due to severe weather conditions / outlook. In such instances, parents will be notified directly by phone either by the school or the L.A. Transport section.