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Achievement For All

Achievement for All Programme

Achievement for All 3As is an independent charity created to transform the lives of vulnerable pupils and their families, including those with special educational needs and disabilities, by raising their educational aspirations, access and achievement.

The Achievement for All Schools Programme is delivered in partnership with school leaders, teachers, parents / carers, pupils and support professionals. It aims ‘to encourage the development of personal skills, characteristics and attributes that will enable pupils to achieve their best and participate fully in the life of the school’.

Achievement for All at Northcott School


We worked with the school’s  AFA coach on an intervention programme for a group of 6 pupil premium children. The school assessed each child and highlighted areas for development for each individual. Programmes of support were then implemented and reviewed over the following year. Targets were focused on readiness to learn alongside academic and social progress. Pupils made good progress throughout the year and a case study detailing the programme and its impact is available in the link below.


This year the school is focusing on pupils within one of the specialist classes in school. We are working closely with a behaviour specialist and striving to reduce the number of incidents for pupils with recurring challenging behaviours. The curriculum and learning approach have been restructured and we are seeing some positive outcomes both socially and academically for this group of pupils. A case study will be completed at the end of the year and added to this page. We look forward to sharing our results with you.